How We Help

Wearing wigs give people the opportunity to have different hair styles without the permanent commitment or damage to their own hair. Wigs provide the freedom of having short hair one week and long hair the next. A person can be a blonde this month and a brunette next month. Those who may be experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition may choose to wear a wig to maintain a hairstyle while going through treatments.

Wigs are an investment, and like any investment it is essential to properly maintain the units to get maximum wear. At Lace Front Doctors, we know time is precious. Let us spend the time cleaning and restyling your wig while you use that time to do other things you enjoy. So, before you throw that wig away, give Lace Front Doctors a try TODAY!

What We Offer

Got WIGS? Lace Front Doctors offer concierge services to stylists and private clients. We are like a laundry service for wigs. We can do as little or as much as needed for our clients to help maintain their wig investments. If you need another wig to wear while yours is being cleaned, we have a selection of glue-less, on the go wigs to choose.

Stylists & Private Clients may choose from the following services:

•Shipping Services by USPS Mail
•Pick Up/Delivery Service (For local stylists with a minimum of 5 units per week.)
•Excessive Glue/Tape Removal (To protect the nature of the lace, all glue may not be removed.)
•Pre-Wash with Natural Oils to Moisturize Dry Human Hair Wigs
•Detangling (Units that are excessively tangled, an additional fee will incur.)
•Wig Hair/Cap Cleaning
•Wig Deep Conditioning
•Wig Restyling

Wig Cleaning and Maintenance

Wig Cleaning from $35 & up. Lace Front Doctors will gently wash (shampoo), style and ship your unit back by mail to you. We ask that you take 5 photos of your unit: front, back, left, right, and inside the cap. Please notify us of any skin or scalp allergies.

Wig Cleaning Concierge Service for Stylists

We offer Wig Cleaning Concierge Service for Stylists & VIP Clients on a regularly scheduled basis, Lace Front Doctors will pick up and drop off wig units from local Stylists & VIP Clients to gently remove tape/glue (additional charge for excessive amounts), wash (shampoo), delivered ready to be installed and styled by the stylist. A minimum number of 5 units are required for this service.

Cleaning & Care

There are many factors to consider when cleaning and caring for a wig. Determining how often a unit should be cleaned depends on how often a wig is worn, if the unit is synthetic or human hair, how active the owner is while wearing the unit, what products are used on the wig, etc. Shampoos are not all created equally, therefore units need to be cleaned with products best suited for the type of unit.

We ask that you take 5 photos of your unit: front, back, left, right, and inside the cap.

Please notify us of any skin or scalp allergies.

We make the process convenient for you.


Select Services & Tell Us About Your Wig

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Select the service based on the hair length of your wig. The length is determined by the longest length of the hair when stretched straight. Select additional services as desired such as pre-washing to add moisture to dry human hair units, detangling (if the hair is excessively tangled), glue/tape removal, deep conditioning, or restyling.

Please take 5 pictures of your unit in its current condition from the front, back, left, right, and inside cap. It is best to take these pictures while the unit is on a wig stand or mannequin if possible.

Please provide us with as much information or concerns about your wig unit as you can. This helps us to determine the best products to use while cleaning your unit. If you have any allergies, it is imperative to please let us know. If you have a name that you call your wig unit, tell us that too. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse service if we deem the wig unit is beyond restoration.


Send Us Your Wig

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Lace Front Doctors will not be liable for any wig units lost in the mail. We highly suggest you send your unit to us by using a first-class tracking service to P.O. Box 1008, Midlothian, TX 76065. All of our service prices include return shipping.

If you are a local stylist using the weekly concierge service or a local private client with a minimum of 5 units, special pick up and delivery services may be available. We have a maximum amount of reservation times available each week. Reservations must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance to allow for shipping time.

Our intakes are on Tuesday morning therefore the wig unit must be received by Monday of that week. If your wig unit has a reservation for the week, but due to shipping delays isn’t received by Monday, processing may be moved to the following week. If you need your unit sooner, expedited services are available for an additional charge.


We Will Clean & Mail Your Freshly Cleaned Wig

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On Tuesday mornings, we intake (process) all of our clients (wig units) for the week, by carefully labeling and making notes of any special requests or concerns and taking photos for our records. If given permission, we will notify you by text confirming receipt of your unit and making additional suggestions based upon our in-person observation.

Services will begin on each client in order of reservations received. Once service is complete, pictures will be texted and wig units will be shipped out on Friday, 10 days following the intake. We will send you tracking information for your wig unit. Please confirm your shipping address as Lace Front Doctors will not be liable for wigs sent to the wrong address do to incorrect information received.

Local stylists or private clients using the concierge pick-up/delivery service will receive their delivery by 8PM Friday evening, 10 days after intake.